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TMS Brokers’ currency risk management advisory service combines 15-years of experience, in-depth knowledge of financial instruments, strategic thinking and access to the most current market information.

Whether the advice concerns the recommendation to execute a one-off strategic hedge or implement a more complex hedging strategy, our Corporate Advisory team is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to your risk management issues.

Providing concise and transparent risk management guidelines, our analysis includes:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly strategy recommendations
  • Long-term strategies
  • Expert exchange rate and interest rate forecasts
  • Morning and afternoon updates on currency markets and economic developments
  • Weekly market commentaries
  • Monthly market analysis
  • Trend analysis with forecasts for the Polish and global economy
  • Macroeconomic indicators and economic event commentaries
  • Tailored risk management strategies for currency and interest rate risk

How does TMS Brokers help?

Hedging currency exchange rate risk may be expensive and ineffective if it is done at the wrong time or uses the wrong approach. TMS Brokers approaches hedging in a dynamic way.

Where many others see costs, we see opportunities for savings and potential gain. Through the skillful use of the right financial instruments, TMS Brokers is not only able to help protect clients from downside risk, but can create the opportunity for incremental income.

How to Reduce the Cost of Debt?

Currency loans are an important part of many Polish companies’ capital structure. However, borrowing in a foreign currency requires currency risk management skill. Because of large potential movements in exchange rates, foreign currency denominated loans should not be considered in terms of interest cost alone.  The cost of hedging exchange rate risk must also be taken into account, in determining the all-in costs and benefits.

Credit Portfolio Management

TMS Brokers offers professional credit portfolio management. Advice on financing decisions follows extensive review of you company’s financial position and objectives. Interest expense, exchange rate risk and existing currency exposures are important factors in choosing the optimal financing strategy.